About Me

Creating organized spaces is my passion! I have been professionally organizing throughout my entire life - in childhood with my meticulously placed dolls, carrying through to my professional career when I was in the legal field and had walked into MANY storage rooms piled to the ceiling with trash, office supplies, and paperwork galore.  I have always taken it upon myself and my passion to rejuvinate the outdated filing systems, reorganize the mess of supplies, and create a funtional space that everyone can use and simultaniously enjoy being in.

I have studied the art of organization, in the home and the office, to create beautiful and functional spaces that immeditely envokes a peace of mind and a sense of tranquility.  This is what I love to do - the bigger the project, the happier I am! I intend to make this a fun process, evergizing you as you can start to immediately see results, and leaving you with a sense of accomplishment because we have created a new environment - a new lifestyle - for your new path. Call or email with your questions, and let's get your home or office back on track!  It is time, and you deserve it.